Radon & Vapor Intrusion Mitigation in New Construction:

The most common method used in Vapor Intrusion Mitigation is Sub Slab Depressurization (SSDS), similar to the method used in radon mitigation. In the construction of new buildings, systems consist of a network of sub slab piping that manifold into a single vertical riser which is vented to the exterior and above the roof. Additionally, with the installation of vapor barriers, crushed stone, and cold joint sealing techniques, systems can address larger areas below the slab while being less intrusive with interior piping. New construction systems are designed passively to mitigate the entire slab if necessary. If the systems need to be activated due to exceedances, then the vertical riser is connected to a specialized blower on the roof that discharges the collected gas. Once activated, the system creates a vacuum under the slab and draw the gas into the system where it can be discharged to a safe location.

Design Philosophy and Deliverables:

OBAR Systems new construction mitigation system designs follow the ANSI/AARST CC-1000 Soil Gas Control Systems in New Construction of Buildings standards and is compliance with all state and national vapor intrusion/radon guidelines. Each design includes sub slab and above slab piping networks, material specifications, installation best practices, and post construction testing procedures. Additionally, OBAR Systems coordinates with project architects to identify optimal piping routes within the building. Each system is designed as passive with a provision to activate, unless otherwise specified. OBAR Systems remains actively involved during the construction process to answer RFIs and ensure a timely construction schedule is achieved.

OBAR vs. Our Competition:

OBAR Systems has over 30 years of experience designing and installing mitigation systems, which ensures clients receive the most cost effective and efficient systems to sufficiently comply with all local and national standards. Our encapsulated stone plenum design offers significant advantages over alternative new construction mitigation designs, including spray applied vapor barriers. On average, our design strategy reduces installation costs by 40-70% compared to spray applied systems. OBAR Systems also specializes in the review and optimization existing system designs to offer reduced installation costs. Our experience, design practices, and in-house mitigation products make us uniquely qualified to handle all your new construction mitigation needs.

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