Obar is at the forefront of building investigation, mitigation, diagnostics and system design and has 3 licensed mitigation specialists capable of providing services throughout the US and Canada.

With over 30 years of diagnostics and system design and installation experience, Obar is capable of handling any size project. Obar has designed and installed VOC mitigation systems in residential and commercial properties ranging from 600 to 1,000,000 square feet. While our radon division has installed systems in over 30,000 homes, schools and commercial buildings.

Obar developed state of the art diagnostic equipment that is intrinsically safe, with a range of variable speed motors that can produce 120” WC and 550 CFM. We use pressure differential monitors capable of measuring .0001” WC to determine pressure field extension.

Rather than limiting our diagnostics and system design to the available range of stock blowers, Obar developed the variable speed GBR series which allows tuning of the blower to conform to the diagnostics and system design. (link) These electronically controlled intrinsically safe blowers can be speed controlled via an on board potentiometer or remotely controlled via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or 0-10V input.

Our building investigation experience combined with diagnostic equipment and custom blower packages allow us to design cost effective systems that minimize the impact on the building.

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