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The most common method used in Vapor Intrusion Mitigation is Sub Slab Depressurization, similar to the method used in radon mitigation . The concept is to create a vacuum under the slab and draw the gas into the system where it can be discharged to a safe location. In practice the system consists of a network of pipe that penetrates the slab into the soil and is connected to a specialized blower that discharges the collected gas to a safe location. While the basic concept is similar to that of radon systems, vapor intrusion mitigation systems are installed to a higher standard. Since radon is the result of the decay of radium and is a part of the geology the system does not need to influence the entire sub floor to be effective, the only requirement is that it affect the source or the primary pathways into the building. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are distributed throughout the soil and can be redistributed within the aquifer, as a result, to be effective a system must be designed to create a vacuum beneath the entire slab. This higher standard of performance requires that each system be designed based on the unique characteristics of the site. Obar has over 30 years experience designing and installing mitigation systems in a variety of buildings ranging from historic homes in our national parks, to 500,000 sq. ft. commercial buildings enabling us to design the most cost effective solution for vapor intrusion mitigation remediation. To further understand the design process please see our design and diagnostics page. Obar Systems has been installing vapor intrusion mitigation mitigation systems since 1985 and has developed some of the first Sub Slab Depressurization systems used for radon mitigation. We’ve worked with numerous manufacturers to produce many of the specialized products used in the vapor intrusion mitigation industry. We also helped RB Kanalflakt of Sweden design the first inline fans used in radon mitigation. As their exclusive distributor we continued to make improvements in the product line, and the culmination of our efforts is the Fantech HP mitigation series fan that is now the standard in the industry. We continue to work with manufacturers to improve mitigation products and produce custom solutions based on the unique needs of our clients properties.

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