Desktop VOC Fans GBR 25 EDG Wireless Sensor EDG Cellular Gateway Mobile Cloud

Introducing OBAR Instruments and EDG (Environmental Data Gateway). A cloud-based, remote monitoring platform designed for the environmental professional.  EDG is an intuitive, cost-effective way to remotely monitor environmental mitigation data.  Easy to install wireless sensors and gateways work with the nation’s most reliable cellular networks to deliver more data at a fraction of the cost.  Monitor system data on the go with our Android and iOS apps or access our gateway on your desktop or laptop computer.  Set up alerts to be notified via SMS text or email when your sensor measurements are out of range.  Easily add additional colleagues to your portal and control their access level from read-only to full administrative access.  Click on the images above for more information on each system component.


Battery Life up to 10 Years Over 50 Stock Sensors Including Temperature Amps Counting CO, CO2, H2S PM2.5 Water In addition 0-10V Sensors Transmit Data Acquired by Wired Sensor


4G LTE and Ethernet Gateways Allow wireless sensors to communicate to the OBAR Instruments Monitoring and Notification System


View and customise Gateways and Sensors Create and Manage Alerts Manage users and access Monitor your Data and Generate Reports

Pricing for single SSD system hardware – $507 and cellular monitoring for $13.50 per month.