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* GBR76 UD 40” WC @ 0 Max flow 195 CFM.
* Built in speed control to customize performance.
* Condensate bypass built in.
* 12 month warranty 40,000 hr sealed bearings.

* Our modular design means the blower and manifold assembly can be removed and replaced as a unit. This makes
repairs cost effective and easy and allows contractors to upgrade systems simply by swapping assemblies.
* The GBR series is based on a bypass blower designed to handle combustible materials.
* The housing is not required to be air tight so you can add gauges and alarms without compromising the system.
* Built in condensate bypass.
* Built in speed control.
* Quick disconnect electrical harness.
* All UL listed components including UL listed enclosure for outside use.
* Wall fastening lugs included.
* GBR series roof and wall mounts available to quickly configure the blowers for your installation while providing a
custom built look.
* Compact design 16”x 14”x 8” weighing only 18 lbs.
* 3” schedule 40 inlet and exhaust.
* Universal Drive accepts voltage from 100-240V without alteration

*Mounts, couplings and electrical components sold separately*


Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 12 in


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